- “Design lead with your health in mind”

In Home Accessibility Assessment & Report; An in depth meeting addressing the clients home requirements and individual needs.

An In Home Accessibility Assessment is the first step required to improving the functionality of the client’s home. We work with the health provider to conduct a detailed client questionnaire that allows us to get to know the client, ask questions regarding their daily struggles, health history, and any issues they have noticed with their current home state.

A walk through of the home is done to assess any barriers, hazards, and accessibility issues. A detailed report of all findings and recommended improvements is provided following this assessment.

Client consultation & In Home Measurements; Reviewing the clients personal preferences for their home & taking detailed measurements of the space.

Upon completion of an In Home Accessibility Assessment and approval of recommendations, an additional client meeting is required. This meeting is to review the recommendations outlined, as well as the clients preferred furniture ergonomics. Detailed measurements of the client’s home will be taken for creation of a new barrier free floor plan. This is required prior to sourcing approved products in order to know what will fit within the space and to ensure the client is comfortable with any and all recommended changes.

Space Planning & Barrier Free Floor Plan Creation; Addresses the current issues within the clients home and improves the overall layout and design to be less hazardous.

A new accessible floor plan will be created in order to improve the functionality of the home. The updated layout will include barrier free space planning options for the approved recommended items.

Accessible Design Implementation; Proposal is created with designated improvements and new barrier free design aspects are installed.

Once all changes are approved by the client and health providers, old hazardous items are removed and the new barrier free design is installed.

Project Management; Hassle free design process! We handle all project management from start to finish.

We can assist with organization of the home prior to design implementation, furniture removal, as well as on site supervision. We are here to make this process as easy as possible for our clients and are comfortable assisting with whatever is required to get the job done!

Home Modification; Detailed home renovation services to improve the overall functionality and accessibility within your home.

If home modifications are required in order to make the space more liveable, it will be evaluated by an ADG design specialist, as well as an experienced construction team. All changes will be implemented to make our clients lives as easy as possible.